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Stage 4

Improving the site

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We, make our site visible to everyone, now, we need to improve it

I will gradually improve my site, and here I will enter the process of this improvement.

For starters, I wanted to make https for the site, so that it was more secure. All it clear that having https on your site is a pretty useful thing. There was a question - how can I place it for free and install it to the site? With this question, I went to the Internet, and I found this here
Go to this link, and register with cloudflare.com

Then click continue
Do not forget that the server names given to you by the site may differ (and in general, do not forget to rename them).
If you did everything right, then you should see a similar window:

Now go to the registrar site  and rearrange the server's dns in a special field

We register the server names we need. Click "change" and all.

Now on claudflare click Recheck Nameservers and wait. It is important that a green strip with the words Succes should appear below! and something else. Are you ready?
Now, we change the rules of the page, as in the manual (on the picture in the manual everything is clear), click on Save n deploy - ready. Your site is now protected with https
It seems that so much is done for this site, but the question is - does anyone read it at all? With this in mind, I decided to register with Google Analytics to track the traffic to my site.
Then you will get to the main menu of this service, everything is clear. Black Arrow - how many people are viewing the site right now. Pink arrow - the schedule of views for the last time. Green Arrow - the top links, which went to the site. The blue arrow - the top social traffic (?) Has not figured it out yet. Red arrow - the top keywords on which they switched to your site
Are you see that? I visit my website, and the statistics began to show which pages I'm looking right now, where I am, and how long I've gone.
In a simple way, I can track activity on my site even in real time.
By the way about real time. Here it is a little inoperative, more precise not works well, for example, I have already closed the site for 5 minutes, but on the analyst is proud the value of visitors "1". I decided to wait. And even after 10 minutes nothing has changed. Then I decided to go from another browser, and in another browser everything worked fine (no one is sitting), and when I got back to Google I saw this picture:

So, the"real-time analytics" thought that I was sitting from Russia (which I forgot in Russia?), And from Norway, although I had long closed both sites in both browsers. To fix this problem I was helped only by closing and reopening the tab with analytics (rather than updating the page).

I want to hear the wishes / comments / suggestions of the readers. For this, I'll set up a feedback form and add comments for the site (good, in Mobirise everything is already there).

Let's start with feedback.

To do this, we just need to add a block from the "Forms" tab, rename or delete the form fields, and we are ready. If you are the owner of two or more email addresses, try to write to yourself (from different mails, naturally), and check the efficiency of this feedback form.

After that, you need to add comments to the site. To do this, go to the section EXTENSION & THEMES in the side menu, and click on the plus sign in the icon SOCIAL COMMENTS. This will add one new block with comments to the extensions section. Add it and choose which platform will be comments on the site (google; disqus; facebook). Personally, I decided to add comments disqus, as they seemed to me the easiest to configure.
To configure disqus comments, we need the so-called "disqus shortname", in order to do this, click on the green button here in the comment settings, and then register your site for disqus. Next, you will be asked to install disqus on the site, but Mobirise already has it all, so skip this step (you just came here only for shortname). Now back to the site, in the settings of the commentary box, enter your shortname, and you're done! Comments work.
It is important that the comments will not work in the site preview, so you need to re-run it and see what's there.
As you can see, everything is working for me, and you? Share in comments
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