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Something about me and my objective

Good afternoon, my name is John, and I'm in the 9th grade. Most recently, I decided to learn how to create my own sites, because in the future I want to connect my life with the IT industry. In terms of simple computer literacy (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) I'm quite understanding, but I have never dealt with the creation of sites, and only heard a couple of times about HTML. However, I want to make my site, and here I come to the aid of site-makers - programs for creating these very sites without special knowledge in programming. For me, this is a great opportunity to realize the intended goal, and I decided that I will share with you the process of creating my site, so that in the future such newcomers like me would be easier and faster to create your site.
I decided to start with a program  Mobirise cuz it seemed to me more understandable and simple than other site-makers (and the reviews there are good). Later I will try to create my site using other programs (via Wix, for example).

To make it easier for you to navigate, I'll give you a table of contents:

*Looking for the best site-maker

*Create a website

*Make the site visible to everyone

*Improving the site

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