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Stage 3

Make the site visible to everyone

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We have created a website, now we need to make this site visible to all

That my / your site was seen by everyone, you need to buy a domain and want a site (how I created the site, read here).

For this we need a host ( and a domain (
I chose Github cuz Mobirise itself offers everyone to use this site (as described below), and as a domain registrar, because it is largest domain registrar in the world (and What site-registrar do you use? Write in the comments)
It's better to start with a host than I do.
However, before this, we learn what a host and domain is.
Host - (network), a computer connected to the Internet or another IP-based network
Domain name is a symbolic name that helps to find the addresses of Internet servers.
Domain zone - zone of responsibility in a distributed DNS system
Firstly you need to go to and register.

We continue to work. In the "plan" tab, choose the one that's chosen for free and click "continue"
Then we are invited to "share their experience." If you have something to share - go for it, and you can skip this step.
Going to such a menu, you can briefly forget about this service. Now we need to put on the site of the Gitshab. For this click here.
If you did everything right, then your site will appear in your browser (if the site does not appear, do it all again).
If still something is not clear, then read this manual 
With the host understood, it's time to buy a domain.
Personally, I advise the site GoDaddy (and what you advise? Write in comments) unnecessarily there is quite cheap and reliable.
Enter the name of your domain and the desired domain zone (.com), then check the availability of this domain

Pay for domain
Confirm the payment, and now we own the domain
So, we have a host, we have a domain - everything seems to be fine, but it does not seem so. Domain and hosting should be linked. This process remained for me rather incomprehensible, therefore normally I can not tell you anything. Therefore, search the Internet for guidance on this matter. 
Connected, but the site does not appear? Do not worry. To create a domain, you need time that can go up to 24 hours.
Now we need to link the host and the domain so that the site can be seen by everyone. To do this, go to the DNS settings in our resolver

There we add two records of A (A -  A - and one CNAME record (CNAME - In my case is Now we go to the github and create a CNAME file (name) and add the URL of your website (websitebuilderzero for example) to this URL file, then commit the file. Must looks like this (other entries are optional)


And now your site should open in the browser. Now it's time to improve the site

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