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Stage 2

Create a website

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Most recently, we found the best site-maker, now it's time to create the site itself.

First we need to download the Mobirise program on the official website of the campaign

Then download the program. You open and pass very easy registration where you just need to enter your e-mail and that's it.
Now you are on the main screen
There has not been edited anything yet, but I will soon fix it. To begin with, you need to change the cap, and it is advisable to remove the Mobirise logo. I hope this is possible. And yes, as it turned out to be quite realistic, just click on the blue gear icon, then on this button, and the logo will disappear. Now I need to continue formatting the caps.
Now you need to change the site name. I decided to call my "Websitebuilderzero". To do this, simply click on the inscription "Mobirise", and start typing your text
Also I would like to make it so that when I clicked on the site name, my visitors translated just to the main page (I saw this on many good sites, than my worse?). To do this, create a link to the main page through this word.
Now choose where my link will go
Click "Insert link" and you're done! Maybe.
We continue to work with the cap. Now you need to configure the menu that was on the right.
To start, you need to remove the "Try it now" button, cuz I wont have to download anything on the site. It's also done just as the logo is removed.
So we finished the work with the cap. Time to edit the main part.
Firstly, we immediately remove the buttons (how to do it all already know).
You can set the color of the picture, but it seems to me that it will not be so beautiful.
Now you need to change the greeting and the main part. It turned out something like this.
Maybe I'll add more to the main part, when ideas come up.
Now it's worth adding a few blocks from the series "Why me?" And the content of the site.
To add a block, click on the red plus sign, and select the required blocks.
There are filters, but they seem to change nothing.
So, I find the right block, click, and it is added to the site. Simple.
So add the necessary number of blocks , edit'em, and now, the first page of the site is ready
So, first page is ready, it's time to create several more web pages to write your blog there.
Now we are editing this page.

Now I need to create a link to the introduction to the menu called "Stages of site creation". Do you remember what you need to do next?

So, my introduction is ready! 

Now I also create the Page "Step1" and I paste everything that I wrote before this

So I finally finished my website! Now you need to make it visible to everyone

                                                                                                                                                          Next step ==>


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